Your Ultimate Private Hire Bus Checklist In Singapore

A bus is a large mass on-road vehicle that transports several people all at once. There are public buses and private buses. A public bus is part of the public transport where passengers pay fares for every ride. These buses have a fixed route. On the other hand, a private bus in Singapore is for exclusive use.

Schools have school buses that fetch students alone. Companies have buses to provide an exclusive transport service for their employees. A group of people can hire a bus for field trips.

There are many reasons why individuals and organisations rent a bus from a bus company in Singapore.

Firstly, it has more capacity and room than a regular sedan or hatchback. It is perfect for group travel.

Secondly, it is cost-effective. Instead of travelling and fueling up multiple sedans to transport groups of people, a single bus can carry all passengers, requiring less fuel. The carbon footprint is lower as well.

Lastly, the bus is more comfortable. Besides plenty of room, the bus only requires one parking space. It also requires one pickup and drop-off point.

If you are looking for a private hire bus in Singapore, you better check this article out.

Different Types Of Private Hire Buses In Singapore

There are different types you can rent from a bus company in Singapore. Each has a unique purpose and uses as well. The availability of these buses depends on your company.

Here are the different types of private hire buses in Singapore:

1. Charter Bus

A charter bus is like the regular bus you ride to the mall or office. It is a large coach vehicle that can accommodate around 50 passengers.

But unlike a public charter bus, a private hire charter bus in Singapore is clean, thoroughly kempt, and not worn out. They may also have extra features and amenities, unlike public buses.

Organisations and companies usually hire charter buses to transport their staff and volunteers.


Charter buses are perfect for long and short-distance group travel. However, they are not for off-road journeys.

2. Luxury Bus

A luxury bus may look like a private charter bus outside, but the interior is quite different. Similar to the charter bus, a luxury bus can accommodate 30 to 50 passengers. But passenger capacity of a luxury bus may be lower, especially if it is a sleeping area, kitchenette, and restroom on board.

The primary differences are the amenities and the overall aesthetics. A luxury bus has reclining leather seats, power outlets by the seats, wi-fi on board, lots of legroom, TVs, and rest room.

Some private luxury bus services in Singapore offer complimentary snacks and drinks. It may also have a personal attendant. As expected, the bus rental Singapore price rate for luxury buses is much higher than a charter bus.


The luxury bus is for comfortable long- and short-distance travel. It is also a favourite vehicle for VIPs and high-profile business people since they can work and function comfortably on board.

3. Minibus

The minibus is the smaller version of a charter. If the charter bus can fit 30 to 50 passengers, a minibus can accommodate 18 to 25 people.

Minibuses can be ordinary or luxurious. Ordinary minibuses have similar amenities to a regular van, whilst a luxury minibus can have TVs and complimentary snacks and beverages.

Custom minibuses have fewer seats to provide more leg room or accommodate a tiny sleeping quarter.

The bus rental Singapore price for minibus varies depending on the amenities, but they are lower than charter and luxury buses.


A minibus is perfect for a small group travelling long or short distances. Celebrities and personalities also use the minibus as their service vehicle since it provides space for clothing and cosmetic clutter, and a sleeping quarter.

4. Party Bus

A party bus can be a charter bus or a limo bus that could fit 10 to 50 people. What makes the party bus much different from the first three buses is the interior.

A party bus has a dance floor with a dance pole on board. The luxury seats are parallel to each other, similar to a train. There are LED and blacklights, a blaring sound system, a refrigerator for snacks and refreshments, a gaming system, an HD TV and a restroom.

Only a few private bus companies in Singapore offer party buses.


Party buses are not usually for travelling, but for parties. They are hired for bachelor and bachelorette parties. The bus roams around the city at midnight whilst people party on board.

Now that you know the different types of buses you can rent from a bus company in Singapore, it is time to go through the checklist!


The Ultimate Checklist When Looking For A Private Hire Bus In Singapore

Apart from choosing which type of bus to rent, people should also consider the following factors:

1. Seating capacity

A charter bus has a sitting capacity of 50 people, whilst a minibus can accommodate half of it.

Remember, bus companies refuse to overload a bus, so pick one that meets your needs.

2. Luggage room

Charter buses have a luggage room next to bus engines, besides the overhead storage.

Minibuses may have limited space for luggage as well. If the bunker space is not enough, find a bus company in Singapore that offers a luggage trailer.

3. Amenities

As mentioned, some buses have amenities. Some have a restroom, sleeping quarters, wi-fi connection, entertainment system, and kitchenette.

Some buses have simpler amenities, including comfortable reclining seats and an air conditioner.

4. Driver

Most bus companies provide drivers. It is helpful in long-distance travel. Some even have attendants, especially on luxury and party buses. A bus company in Singapore ensures its drivers are qualified, licenced, and fit for driving.

5. Bus company

Choose a reputable, legally operating, trusted private hire bus company in Singapore. Otherwise, the liabilities and responsibilities of the company during accidents can be elusive.


Finding the right private hire bus in Singapore means comfortable, safe, and stress-free travelling. Which bus company has ticked all your checklist boxes?


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