A Not So Happy Ending: How Can Divorce Affect You Socially

Marriage is part of your social life and status. It influences your personal life and how other people perceive you. As you observe culture and society, marriage is a ticket to social acceptance. If you are still unwed by 30, people would assume something is wrong with you, or perhaps you are too busy focusing on your career. Once you turn 40, people would say, there is no more hope for you. It is harder to bear a child at that age. See, marriage is not something you can go into just because you want acceptance. Because sometimes it does not end in a happy ending. It also ends with a divorce procedure in Singapore.

Marriage is also a responsibility. As partners, you need to work on your differences, arguments, and contradicting personalities. If you fail to do this, you will end up in a divorce and affect your mental health and your child, if you have one. Marriage is not something you can say on a whim or due to peer pressure. It takes a long process before you can finally say yes to your partner with confidence that your decision is appropriate.

Otherwise, you will end up in a divorce! For more information, here are reasons married couples look for the best divorce lawyer in Singapore.

The Common Reasons for Divorce

Entering a marriage is not like in the movies. It is not always about morning kisses and cuddles before sleeping at night. It is about the small things like disagreeing on who will wash the dishes, why your partner is not replying, or why there are personality differences. If you do not find ways to work on these, it will lead to more complicated problems and divorce. So, learn the common reasons for the divorce procedure in Singapore.

  • Infidelity – Cheating also happens in real life! It does not only occur in television series or K-dramas. Indeed, a cheating spouse can stress your relationship, and if it affects your mental and emotional health, the only resort is to file a divorce. A shattered trust will always break like a smashed glass.
  • Domestic Violence – It is never worth your life to stay in a toxic relationship. More so if it gets violent physically, mentally, and emotionally. Try to speak up or look for someone you can trust to file a divorce. You can also look for a divorce or family lawyer in Singapore who can help you get out of this loveless marriage.
  • Financial Problems -Do not underestimate financial problems because they can also lead to divorce! Misunderstanding because of money can also lead to divorce because of debt and lack of communication.
  • Married Too Early -At first, you thought everything was fine! You met a man or woman. And it seemed like they were the ideal partner. However, they change once you get married. The truth comes out, and you see their true colours! Marrying too early without knowing the person can also lead to a divorce.
  • Incompatibility in Personality and Hobbies – Going into a marriage is like living with your close friend. And sometimes, incompatibility can make the relationship feel stagnant and boring. If you feel like there is no growth, you can ask your partner to agree to a divorce. Remember that a divorce procedure in Singapore can also be an uncontested divorce, meaning two parties involved agree with the decision.
  • Lack of Intimacy -In Singapore, a divorce process means you free yourself from the toxic relationship. If the marriage is not doing you any good, do not waste your time and seek personal freedom again.

Marriage is stressful, and it is not always a happy ending. Undergoing these toxic situations will affect you emotionally and mentally. But, do you also know how it can change your social status? Read on to learn more!


How Can Marriage Affect You Socially

Divorce is unacceptable in society, and most people will judge you why it happens in your life. They will form their conclusions and judge you without knowing the truth behind them. People do not even know your relationship with your spouse. So, learn how a divorce procedure in Singapore can also affect your social life.

1) Disagreement with Family Members

If you have traditional parents, they will surely make you feel bad about your decision to divorce. Sometimes, old-school relatives can be the most toxic family members because they comment on things with insensitive remarks. And for this reason, some of your relatives may not understand your decision to file for a divorce procedure in Singapore.

They may think you are not a good husband or wife. Or perhaps, you are unfit to live an accepted life. Brace yourself from all these comments and know that you made the right decision, especially if you want to avoid a toxic relationship.

2) Friendship

You can also get strength from your friends. They will be there for you because they can understand you without judgement. At this point, you will also know your true friends because they will stick to you during this difficult time. And for those who leave you behind, they might not be a real friend after all. So, be attentive when dealing with your friends. A genuine friend will even help you with the lawyer fees for divorce.

3) Change in Personal Activity

You are single again, and because of this, you have more time to do the things you want by yourself. Perhaps, you can travel to a foreign country or attend an online class. If you are still childless, you can even go on a date. But, if you want to focus on yourself, use this time to make your life meaningful by enriching your life with activities like freediving, hiking, drawing, cooking, etc.

4) Relationship with Children

Relationships with children can also change once you process your divorce. Sometimes, they can harbour hate for their parents because of a sudden change in the family set-up. Plus, the need to pay for divorce in Singapore can cost expensive.

However, divorce can also be a positive influence on children. Seeing both parents on good terms can make them feel better about themselves.

The reality of divorce is not always about a happy ending. Sometimes, it turns sour and bitter! If you need help, you can partner with Lie Chin Chin, the best divorce lawyer in Singapore. Visit their website to start with the divorce procedure.

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