What You Need to Know After an Extraction Facial

Taking care of your face is necessary, especially if your daily activities mostly involve presenting yourself to various people. For example, you wouldn’t be an effective salesperson if your face is full of pimples, blackheads, and dirt. However, there are times when your regular cleaning routine is not enough to eliminate all unwanted particles. Therefore, heading to your esthetician for an extraction facial is your next step towards a clean and presentable face.

Since your pores can clog over time, an extraction facial is one of those procedures that aim to clear whatever is causing the issue. Generally speaking, this process is a part of your esthetician’s facial cleansing treatment.

If it is your first time undergoing extraction as part of your facial procedure, you may not be aware of what happens after it. Therefore, continue reading this article for more information regarding this treatment, such as what you should expect, what you should remember, and what you should do.

What You Need to Know After an Extraction Facial

I. What Should You Expect After Extraction Facial?

The first thing you need to know about is what should you expect to happen after an extraction facial. Generally speaking, three things may occur after the treatment. These three are redness, breakout, and flaking. Continue to learn more about them.

1. Redness

Since an esthetician would be squeezing areas on your face to eliminate blackheads and clogged pores, you should expect your face to turn red after the treatment. Typically, you can expect it to last between twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Unfortunately, it does not matter whether you got the best extraction facial in Singapore. There is little you can do to reduce the duration except by being patient.

2. Breakout

Another usual thing to occur after the treatment is a breakout. Since the process involves stimulating your face, skin pores begin to self-clean and remove unwanted foreign particles by pushing them out. This action causes your face to look dirty after an extraction facial. However, before complaining to your esthetician, remember that this effect is natural and is one step closer to a brighter and clearer skin.

3. Flaking

And the last thing you can expect after an extraction facial is flaking. This third effect is also one of the possible reasons why you experience redness. Fortunately, you can expect it to subside over a few days, generally around two to five days.

II. What Should You Remember After Extraction Facial?


Since you will most likely experience redness, breakout, and flaking after the treatment, it pays to know what you should not do, as you would not want to damage your skin. Hopefully, these five tips will help ensure your face remains clean and avoid unnecessary complications.

1. Refrain From Touching Your Face

Technically speaking, it is not advisable to touch your face as your hands may be carrying millions of bacteria, germs, and dirt. After taking an extraction facial, ensure that you adhere to this rule since your face is more sensitive. While it may be tempting to pick the blackheads your esthetician did not remove, doing so may cause more breakouts and damage to your skin, potentially causing scars.

2. Avoid Heavy Makeup & Skincare Products

As mentioned earlier, redness may occur on your face after receiving an extraction facial treatment. While it is tempting to use a concealer to cover it, doing so might clog your pores, causing breakouts. On the other hand, skipping your makeup routine for a day or two maximises the serums and creams you got from your esthetician, making them more effective.

3. Be Sensitive While Washing Your Face

Your skin is more sensitive after an extraction facial. Therefore, you should wash your face with extra care and gentleness to prevent irritation. Additionally, consider using a mild facial wash and lukewarm water.

Another thing you should know about washing your face is to refrain from doing it after the treatment. As much as possible, try to avoid it for at least a day to ensure that you receive the benefits of an extraction facial.

4. Don’t Use Alcohol-Based Toners

While there is no need for toners since your esthetician did a deep cleaning treatment on your face, you might consider using it out of habit. It is crucial to remember to skip using toners, especially those that are alcohol-based or contain exfoliating ingredients. Applying them may result in irritation and dryness on your skin.

5. Avoid Exposing Your Face to Sunlight

Generally speaking, exposure to UV rays is harmful to your skin. Therefore, you should consider applying sunscreen, especially after an extraction facial treatment, to avoid the sun’s damaging effects, such as wrinkles and premature ageing.

III. What Should You Do to Maintain Your Beautiful Face?


Now that you know the things you shouldn’t do, you need to learn about the things you should follow to ensure your extraction facial treatment wasn’t for nothing. Continue reading this article to learn more about these three care tips.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water has various benefits for your skin, such as better skin tone, tighter skin, and prevent premature ageing. It doesn’t matter whether you underwent extraction facial or not. Taking the daily recommended amount of hydration can do wonders for your skin.

2. Keep Your Face Moisturised

Aside from drinking water, using a moisturiser ensures that your skin stays hydrated and prevents flaking or dullness. However, ensure that you use a gentle product to avoid irritation.

3. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Lastly, your efforts to achieve a clear and toxin-free face shouldn’t be used solely on external methods. The meals you consume have various benefits that begin inside. Over time, the vitamins and minerals of a healthy diet will show their effects.


Undergoing an extraction facial treatment allows you to eliminate bacteria, germs, and dirt you accumulated over time. This cleansing procedure allows your skin to return to its glowing look. However, it is crucial to know what to do afterwards. Otherwise, you may render the treatment pointless.

Therefore, follow these care tips to ensure that you maximise the benefits of extraction facial and prevent any issues that could affect its effects.

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