5 Important Tips For Choosing The Best Preschool In Singapore

Perhaps, the very first-time parents realise that their babies are already growing up is when they finally start searching for the best preschool in Singapore, prepare their school bags and uniform, and send them off to the academy. It is the first huge independence milestone children gain in life.

Sending them to preschool and enrolling them in a bilingual programme can be a challenge for the parents; however, it is a crucial part of their child’s future. They should only choose high-quality education for their kids.

This article will discuss the importance of preschool education and how to choose the best preschool in Singapore.

The Importance Of Preschool Education In Children

Some people think preschool is all about teaching the kid to identify colours, count from 1 to 10, memorise the alphabet, and recognise animal names and sounds– things parents can teach at home. No wonder some people tend to homeschool their children during the preschool age.

But preschool curriculum in Singapore is more than shapes, colours, and animals. Children learn crucial lessons at preschool.

1. Children develop social skills.

It is human nature for people to commune, and possessing great social skills is a life hack as children grow older.

It is hard to teach children social skills if they are surrounded by people they already know or are comfortable with, so homeschooling may not be a great setting to foster socialisation.

At a young age, preschools teach kids how to socialise with others. They learn the differences in communicating with children and adults and understand the importance of sharing, teamwork, and cooperation. They learn to listen and read emotions based on facial expression, behaviour, and voice tone.

The best preschool in Singapore fosters children’s social skills outside their family circle.

2. Children develop their emotional skills.

Part of socialisation is feeling a plethora of emotions. Children do not understand their emotions or explain why they are feeling that way.

They may feel frustrated and angry because their classmate is not sharing toys. They can be nervous because they spill water on the carpet.

The best preschool in Singapore helps children develop their interpersonal problem-solving skills. For example, they teach the impacts of their emotions and behaviour on themselves and the people surrounding them and how to deal with their feelings healthily.

Believe it or not, these lessons are helpful and crucial as they grow older and face more difficult emotional challenges.

3. Children prepare themselves for school.

One of the issues parents encounter when sending their children to kindergarten is kids bawling their eyes out because they don’t want to be left alone by their parents with a bunch of unknown children.

You can’t blame them, as it is an overwhelming experience for kids, but you could have avoided it by enrolling them in a preschool curriculum in Singapore. Preschool slightly mimics the kindergarten setup.

Besides giving them a glimpse of how it will be at school, children also learn fundamental lessons that can be crucial in kindergarten. For example, in preschool, children memorise the alphabet, whereas, in kindergarten, they start writing their names and spelling one-syllable words.

4. Children figure out things that interest them.

There is a hairline difference between the setup in kindergarten and preschool. In kindergarten, children are required to listen and do the activities teachers give based on the curriculum, such as a bilingual programme. In preschool, children can wander inside the classroom aimlessly under the supervision of teachers.

They can choose whatever interests, whether play toys, playing instruments, or painting. They can join a group of kids and play with them or play alone. When conflict arises, teachers come to mediate.

It simply teaches the children to figure out things that interest them and learn how to make a choice.

5. Children learn to take care of themselves and others.

Children get a glimpse of independence at preschool. They learn to take care of themselves, such as washing their hands, tying their shoelaces, fixing their pants and skirt after using the toilet and practising toilet etiquette.

On the other hand, they learn how to take care of others, such as helping other kids during tasks and activities, feeding pets, such as fish and hamsters, teaching and helping newcomers with the preschool rules, and so on.

The best preschool in Singapore fosters individuality as well as cooperation and empathy.

Now that you know why enrolling your kid in the best preschool in Singapore is important, it is time to learn how to choose the right preschool for your child.


5 Tips For Picking The Best Preschool In Singapore

Is this your child’s first time entering an academic institution? Here are the things you should look for in the best preschool in Singapore:

1. Qualified teachers

Preschool teachers are not babysitters. Handling toddlers is different from managing kids, so preschool teachers should have adequate experience, skills, and training in the field related to childhood development.

2. Facilities

Facilities are vital in the best preschool in Singapore since children are naturally clumsy and curious.

The best preschool in Singapore ensures their facilities are childproof. There are no dangerous objects within the children’s reach, all sharp furniture edges are padded, and they have clinics in case of injuries.

3. Accreditation

Many preschools possess an accredited preschool curriculum in Singapore, such as a bilingual programme.

It ensures that your children can learn many vital skills and lessons before they go to kindergarten.

4. Discipline policy

Parents have unique ways of disciplining their children, and so do preschools. Some prefer positive discipline, while others opt for corporal punishments.

Parents must look for preschools that match their method of discipline.

5. Community

The best preschool in Singapore is a strong and harmonious community of children, parents, and teachers. Many preschools conduct events that foster the relationships within the community, such as foundation day, field trips, and children-parent events and parties.


Parents want the best for their children, so it is only reasonable to pick the best preschool in Singapore. It is the first formal institution to teach your kids fundamental life skills.

Use these tips for finding the right preschool.

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