Unlocking Optimal Health With Health Check Up/Screening

Singapore is known to have a high stand in the health care system. Many locals can enjoy the benefits and access to high-end health care facilities. But with a cost. The high standard comes with a high cost for services. Hence, not all can afford to pay for surgery and other costly treatment, especially for serious illnesses. One way to avoid the problem of dealing with expensive bills is to opt for a health check up in Singapore.

With Singapore becoming a society that constantly undergoes transformation, the need to have an optimal health care system and facilities will help overcome and treat illnesses with greater efficiency. After all, prolonging life is something of a possibility given all the innovations and the latest technology in the world of medicine and treatment. Nonetheless, the rate of non-communicable diseases (NCD), such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and cancer, remains a problem.

The Wealth Of Having A Good Health

Knowing how to prevent and counter such disease is a mission—it is a calling for every individual. We don’t want to feel ill and in constant pain. In sports, injured athletes will need treatment for injuries—even if it means bringing them to a nearby Singapore sports medicine centre. When we have poor health, the overall quality of life drops significantly. We accomplish things less than we can do in normal. Poor health leads to illnesses, disability and even early death.

To live healthily with proper wellness is never an option. It is a requirement to make the most out of life and achieve overall satisfaction with the human experience. After all, health is more than just being sick-free. Good health allows you to feel better physically and mentally to perform your daily task. A simple health check up is a pathway step to healthy living.

Health Screening & Early Check-Up – A Key To A Good Health


Getting a health check up or screening can be a beneficial gateway to achieving positive wellness. A health check up/screening is a procedure that allows you to determine your current physical condition to detect early signs of health problems. The procedure is not only exclusive to adults or an employer’s requirement for a potential employee.

Receiving a health screening or check-up enables you to determine any underlying conditions, with or without symptoms. Early detection is a critical factor for receiving a successful treatment preventing serious illnesses from progressing that can be fatal at an advanced stage. Successful treatment leads to better outcomes. Better outcomes mean better body condition. A simple knee pain treatment in Singapore for an injured athlete eases the pain and allows the body to recover easily, restoring its normal state.

Here are the vital factors for proper health management with a health check:

  • Determining or identifying the problem and the cause
  • Preventive measures against illnesses and injuries
  • Facilitating an action to treat the problem

Many are still inclined to receive a health check up or screening with the fear or dread of being diagnosed with serious illnesses. It’s a common misconception among the general population—albeit an unhealthy and dangerous belief. It’s also a common myth that screenings are costly and can be an unnecessary or optional procedure.

However, detecting an illness at an early stage not only saves you from potential health risks; it also saves you more from costly treatment. The chance of recovery and survival from a fatal illness is high. The old adage goes that ‘early detection saves lives’ and ‘prevention is better than cure’ is a truth for detecting illnesses and injuries ahead of time.

A simple health screening or check up can get you a long shot for long-term optimal health and better productivity and wellness! It is an investment that each of us should consider.

The Categories For Health Screening


If you decide to opt for an executive health screening in Singapore, understand that there are at least three categories, especially for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke etc.

Here are the three known categories:

Category 1

Category type 1 is known for providing a suitable screening for most populations and is recognised to be clinically effective and efficient. It is a screening type that can benefit and be effective for everyone. An example of type 1 categories is a pap smear, blood pressure management, and mammography.

Category 2

Category 2 simply means a particular executive health screening that is beneficial and effective for some but not others. Category 2 is also known as an ‘individual’ level since one needs to make a self-based decision rather than see its function on the general population. Most types of disease screening for type 2 have the risk factor of being hereditary and chronic. Examples of category type 2 tests are blood tests and antenatal and radiological tests.

Category 3

Category 3 is not a recommended type of screening and will require more sufficient evidence-based results to determine its usefulness. Screening tests that fall under category 3 lack enough information to be also considered cost-effective and will likely bring more risks than provide any good results. Thus anything that falls under category type 3 is highly not recommended to be exercised for patients.

You can practically receive any suitable health check up and screening in any public clinic or private hospital in Singapore. Many can often range from basic to general checks, while others prefer an executive health screening or comprehensive packages.

You can visit Thomson Wellth Clinic for a health check or executive health screening packages in Singapore to learn more information.

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