Finding An Attorney: How To Choose A Family Lawyer In Singapore

Family law in Singapore is a broad and complicated field. It deals with divorce, child abuse, juvenile justice, and so on. But perhaps, the most in-demand cases for family lawyers are divorce and child custody.

There are tons of factors clients have to consider when choosing a family lawyer in Singapore. This article will discuss some tips on how to choose the best family lawyer.

How To Choose A Family Lawyer In Singapore

There are a bunch of lawyers and law firms in the country, but not all of them are competent to handle your case. There are crucial reasons why you should not just choose any family or probate lawyer in Singapore.

Firstly, the case is in their hands. The lawyer’s skill, expertise, and experience play crucial roles in the court’s decision over your case. Imagine if you want to get custody of your child yet failed to do so because your lawyer did not fight your case enough.

 Secondly, you pay them staggering prices. Lawyers’ fees are not a joke, especially for those who are seasoned. Don’t waste your money on an incompetent family lawyer in Singapore.

Here are some tips for choosing the best family lawyer for your needs:

1. Find a family law expert in Singapore.

As mentioned, family law is not only about divorce and child custody. Family lawyers handle different cases, including visitation, child support, adoption, guardianship, and domestic violence.

Some lawyers only focus on one area of family law in Singapore, while others are experts at everything. The best choice is a lawyer expert on the type of your case.

2. Social proof

As mentioned, there are tons of lawyers in the country. The challenge for clients is how to sift all these lawyers to find the cream of the crop.

Referrals are one of the social proofs you could use. Ask your friends and relatives for a family lawyer they have worked with and learned about the case outcome.

You can also look for helpful reviews and feedback on the law firm’s website. You may also want to ask the bar association to know if there are complaints and pending cases against your prospective lawyer or law firm.

Lastly, search for notable achievements, cases, and awards of the lawyer or law firm. This evidence proves the expertise and excellence of the law firm or family lawyer in their field in Singapore.

3. Size of the firm

There are different types of law firms. The smallest one is a solo law firm. A single lawyer who typically offers one speciality runs a solo law firm. For example, you can’t find aprobate lawyer in Singapore in a solo family law firm.

On the other hand, small law firms consist of more than ten attorneys who specialise in one or more law disciplines. These law firms may specialise in family, criminal, taxation, and more. Small law firms are slightly more expensive than solo law firms.

Giant law firms have more than ten lawyers with different specialities in addition to other staff, such as paralegals, librarians, and human resource specialists. These big law firms have vast services with higher costs.

Opt for giant law firms if you want vast services, but look for a solo law firm for an affordable family lawyer in Singapore. Find a small law firm for the balance of price and services.

4. Cost

Law firms and lawyers have different pricing models. The first is on an hourly basis. The rate per hour of a family lawyer in Singapore depends on the credibility and location of the practice.

The second is the flat fees. Flat fees are mostly applied to predictable cases such as uncontested divorce.

The third is subscription fees. Subscription fees apply to recurring legal services, such as legal advice and document review.

There are other factors that affect rates in this pricing model as well. For example, vast and complex services are more expensive than basic legal services. A well-renowned attorney has a higher lawyer fee.

5. Comfortability and compatibility


The client must be compatible with their family lawyer in Singapore. Otherwise, the client may not be comfortable enough to disclose crucial information that could make or break the case.

The lawyer must be trustworthy and respectful and must have a good and sound judgement.

Comfortability, compatibility, and trust can affect the case, so it is important to choose a lawyer the clients are comfortable working with.

6. Communication

If the compatibility between the layer and client is sound and perfect, the communication between the two follows.

A family lawyer in Singapore needs to be reachable at all times. They should respond to the client’s concerns immediately. In return, clients should have the same treatment as their lawyers in terms of communication.

There are helpful tips for establishing proactive communication between the lawyer and client.

Setting regular on-call or face-to-face meetings is a good start. Regular email and SMS updates may also be helpful.

Most importantly, laws have tons of jargon. It is a bonus if the lawyer can explain and discuss the personal protection order in Singapore in layman’s terms to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication.

7. Professionalism and ethics

Besides excellence and skills, clients should consider the professionalism and work ethics of the family lawyer in Singapore.

Lawyers must respect the privacy of their client’s case, should arrive at meetings prepared and on time, should respect everyone’s opinion regardless of their status, and most importantly, should act appropriately.

On the other hand, clients must also treat their lawyers with professionalism.


It is not easy to find the right family or probate lawyer in Singapore. Never settle for less, even if it is difficult to find the perfect lawyer. At the end of the day, your lawyer will represent you in court and try to sway the judges in your favour.

The better your lawyer is, the more chances of getting court decisions in your favour.

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