When A Landlord Should Hire A Property Manager?

One of the biggest decisions that a landlord needs to make is whether to hire a property management company or not. Many San Antonio property management companies manage the properties independently or hire employees like resident managers for the same. But there are some cases when landlords need more help, which is when a property manager comes into the picture. This article comprises several factors that are to be considered to determine if hiring a property management company is the right choice for the real estate business.

When to hire a property management company?

Here mentioned are some factors that are helpful in deciding when to hire the San Antonio property management companies:

  • When having lots of properties or rental units:

The more rental properties a landlord owns and the more units they contain, the more one can avail of the benefits from the property management company.

  • When not living near the rental property:

In case the rental property is located far from the place where one lives, working with the property manager can be invaluable in dealing with different issues that can’t be handled from afar. Therefore, it is better to hire a property management company when one lives nearby the rental properties.

  • When one is not interested in hands-on management:

Many landlords prefer finding good tenants and earning rewards of maintaining an attractive and safe property on their own. But if a landlord views his property strictly as an investment and does not want to manage the property on a daily basis, then it is best to hire help to manage the property.

  • When one is suddenly inundated with management tasks:

In case a business is growing, and at some point, the landlord feels he needs a substantial amount of help to manage the business, it is when it is advisable to hire a reputable property management company.

  • When time is limited:

Even if the landlord is skilled and enjoys hands-on management, he or she might not have much time to devote to the real estate business. But if one prefers growing his business without spending much time, including searching for new properties, changing the structure of the business, or arranging funds for renovations, then a property management company acts as a good way to spend money.

  • When a property is a part of an affordable housing program:

When participating in housing programs, landlords receive financial assistance, low-interest loans, tax credits, and other benefits. But to continue accessing such benefits, a landlord must comply with a certain set of rules. With so many complications, it is oftentimes worth hiring an experienced and professional property manager.


Although San Antonio property management companies prove to be a huge asset to the business, they do not come cheap. Therefore, it is always recommended to conduct thorough research before hiring a property manager. One can get recommendations from his social circle, search professional directories using the internet, interview companies, read reviews online, and can also search for testimonials.

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