4 Reasons Why Motion-Sensor Faucets Are A Good Investment

Considering the numerous technological advancements introduced to the market, it is no wonder that manufacturers can also build innovative bathroom essentials. One of which is the latest faucet design or called touchless faucets. This latest technology is the new wave of hygiene for residential and commercial buildings.

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom, getting a new sink in Singapore, or just upgrading, here are a few advantages of investing in the latest faucet design.


What could be easier than waving and washing? The latest faucet designcomes with a sensor that turns on when it detects hand movements, making it suitable, convenient, and friendly for everyone. Touchless faucets are also the perfect help for:

-Elderly adults

-Young children

-People with disabilities

-People with motor impairment

-People with dementia or memory loss

-People with an impaired immune system


Touchless faucets offer a more convenient way around the most common household problem–rising utility costs and reducing water consumption. With the latest faucet design, you can improve your water consumption up to 70{ee60b58f865063444278d174050b6c0712626847f909d84cd2fb2fb3b37ff63f} compared to manually controlled taps.


One of the perks of the latest faucet designis its cost efficiency. Touchless faucets won’t work with hand movements, which means less water it makes, and less monthly bills it costs.


Whether you touched your toilet bowl in Singapore, did some work, played with your pet, or did whatever activity involved using your hands, your hands can accumulate germs. Faucets surprisingly harbour large amounts of bacteria, dirt, and germs. To eliminate contact with these, consider getting the latest faucet design.

You enter your bathroom daily. Naturally, you would want to invest in the best pieces for this room. Apart from a handshower, bathing essentials, and the like, the latest faucet designor a touchless faucet is one of the best purchases you can make.

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