7 Considerations for Picking Toilet Paper at Stores in Singapore

Tissue papers have become an essential part of the daily life of people worldwide. It is a food and beverage industry necessity due to the observance of hygienic practices. The broad category of tissue paper includes facial tissue paper, kitchen towels, and toilet or tissue paper found at stores around Singapore. A few significant factors that distinguish each type of tissue paper are:

#1 Absorbency

This feature of tissue paper depends on the roughness of its texture. The rougher the tissue paper, the greater the potential to absorb liquids. It is frequently why some tissue papers feel rougher than others.

#2 Basis Weight

In the fabric and paper industries, basis weight refers to the mass per unit area. The basis weight of tissue or toilet paper in Singapore and abroad is its weight for a specific number of sheets. Its amount is around 480 sheets of tissue paper.

#3 Calliper

Tissue or toilet paper manufacturers in Singapore and abroad measure thickness using a calliper. Paper density is rarely known directly. Hence, they measure it with a calliper. Tissue paper callipers are the same across manufacturers since tissue paper does not vary in thickness.

#4 Paper Brightness

Manufacturers should assess the brightness and colour of their products under indoor and outdoor lighting situations. They must follow specific international criteria to determine the brightness of different types. Hence, a single-ply tissue paper will be brighter than a roll of 4 ply toilet paper.

#5 Stretch

The stretchability of TP is due to the process known as crepe control throughout the production process. Tissue paper and wet wipes manufacturers in Singapore and abroad attach them to a drier surface. The compression it promotes creates micro folds on the sheet, which makes it flexible and soft.

#6 Appearance

The look of a product is one of its most crucial characteristics. It also applies to tissue paper, as shoppers highly value aesthetics. Customers would be unwilling to utilise tissue sheets that are unsightly or undesirable in some way. Many also consider if they should have tissue packets or in a box at stores around Singapore and abroad.

#7 Comfortability

The most significant distinguishing factor between tissue or toilet paper around Singapore and abroad is its comfort. It is because tissue paper should be comfortable to use.

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