When Is It the Right Time to Visit an Orchard Physiotherapy Centre?

Sometimes, injuries that affect your physical fitness may not seem as serious as diseases or other similar illnesses. They need as much care and attention as other types of ailments that affect your organs and other internal systems of your body. When you do not attend to them properly, your injuries might not heal properly. You might never go back to your previous physical shape again. Your physical well-being is why the fields of physiotherapy and osteopathy in Singapore exist.

If you ever experience injuries that affect your mobility or other parts of your physical condition, do not neglect your needs. Fortunately, you can find many medical professionals in Singapore providing solutions for physical ailments. You should hire a physiotherapy professional in the Tanjong Pagar area.

Physiotherapy is a field focusing on many physical conditions. Many conditions plague the bones, muscles, joints, soft tissue, and more. Also known as physical therapy, it works in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of many health conditions. Its treatments and services range from simple exercises to manual therapies to soothe muscles and bones.

What parts of the body can physiotherapists treat?

Physiotherapists can treat more ailments than you might realise. Physiotherapy treatments are not only for athletes, elderly people, or other groups– individuals of all ages benefit. They also encompass many areas of your body. There are a few areas that physiotherapy treats.

1) The circulatory system

Serious conditions like heart attacks are life-threatening and may lead to serious disability or even death. Recovery might be an excruciatingly long and difficult task if one does not know how to care for their body. A physiotherapist can help you rehabilitate after your health condition and adjust accordingly. They may help you with physical conditions resulting from circulatory problems. Some services include cardiac rehabilitation in Singapore.

2) The nervous system

Your brain and nervous system are responsible for your motor skills and your mobility. When you develop conditions like Parkinson’s or strokes, the disease may compromise your ability to move and manipulate your environment. A physiotherapist can help you practice your motor skills with exercises designed to refine them.

3) The respiratory system

If you have problems or difficulties breathing, perhaps it is time to call a physiotherapist in Singapore. There may be problems with the muscles responsible for breathing and you might need immediate treatment to address them. A physiotherapist can teach you proper breathing techniques to increase the amount of oxygen in your lungs.

4) The musculoskeletal system

The majority of ailments that physiotherapists treat and diagnose physical ailments. They include bones, joints and soft tissues of the body– some examples are muscle tears, sprains, and joint and muscle pains.  These injuries and conditions can affect your movement and flexibility, so you have to be vigilant when you receive them.

Physiotherapy is a huge part of the sports industry. Athletes and other sports professionals need to be in top form if they want to do well in their games. Sports physiotherapy in Singapore is an entire branch dedicated to treating injuries that athletes experience.

When to see a physiotherapist


If you are a healthy adult that does not participate in dangerous physical activities, you might not see a reason to visit a physiotherapist. There are a few misconceptions about who benefits from a physiotherapy session. All individuals benefit from physiotherapy because mobility and physical conditions are not exclusive to age.

You might already experience a few signs of needing physiotherapy. Below are a few that might indicate a necessity for an Orchard physiotherapy centre visit.

1) You have asthma, allergies, or similar conditions that make it difficult for you to breathe normally.

You might want to consider going to a physiotherapist if you have found out that you’ve developed respiratory issues and conditions. Even minor ones can leave you out of breath after finishing activities you used to easily complete. Aside from seeing a doctor for these conditions, a physical therapist can help you adjust longtime habits that prevent a comfortable life.

2) You experience back and shoulder pains even when sitting down or resting.

When you sit at a desk or lie down, you should not experience muscle pains. If even the simple act of sitting or lying down makes your back or shoulder muscles hurt, you will not be able to concentrate on your tasks. Continuous pains that refuse to go away are red flags. You should reach out to a physiotherapy professional at Orchard Road or a professional local to your area.

3) Your pain worsens when you move.

If your pain appears during specific activities and movements, there might be something wrong with that specific area of your body. For example, your foot or ankle hurts when you move, or your hands hurt when you hold items. Increased stresses can wear out muscles, bones, and joints. You might need advice from a physiotherapist to reduce your pain.

4) Your pain starts to worsen (or it does not get any better).

Dull aches and pains are normal when you live an active lifestyle. Usually, they should go away with adequate rest. But if sore muscles and bones do not seem to get better over time, it is a cause for concern. Reach out to a sport physiotherapy specialist in Singapore if you experience pain while doing regular activities. Ignoring the pain while resuming your daily tasks can worsen your physical state. They may provide you with an assessment of your physical condition and tell you what it takes to fully recover. Some problems may flare up without warning even if you rest.

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