Navigating Your Way Through Divorce Process – What You Need To Know

Divorce is one of the hardest battles any person can get into. Divorce simply refers to the legal dissolution of a marriage. In America, every state has its own legal requirements for granting it. However, every country (that legalises divorce) has its own legal requirement that can differ. Singapore has its own grounds and owns legal requirements that differ from other countries, such as America. Hiring a divorce lawyer in Singapore ensures that everything follows and complies in accordance with the legal proceedings.

Dealing with divorce can be difficult. Hence, hiring a lawyer is often an essential component should you decide to pursue the decision. However, it also doesn’t go without knowing your part and responsibility. Aside from acting for the best of your interest (in a good manner, of course), it’s crucial that you educate yourself. If you aren’t familiar with how the divorce system works, you’re more likely to make mistakes. The same thing goes for other cases and for people who hire defamation and a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore. You need to be aware of what you should do and don’t. Thus, hiring a divorce lawyer is vital.

Choosing A Divorce Lawyer – What You Should Prioritise

A divorce lawyer that you should look for should be highly-skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in handling cases. Lawyers represent you and communicate on your behalf, which makes it extremely integral that you take time and analyse the best possible lawyer to represent you in court.

Transparent, truthful and communicative are also the most valuable characteristics you should not overlook. Remember that you’ll be working with them for the entirety of the proceedings, so it’s in your best interest to make rational decisions when choosing one. Here’s what you should consider:

Seek a proactive lawyer

Good preparation is what you’ll need during the proceeding, whether it’s a contested or uncontested divorce in Singapore. A lawyer should know how to develop key strategies and be responsible for each stage, listening, evaluating, planning and discussing with you what needs to be done.

Know and gauge your budget

Hiring a divorce lawyer in Singapore will cost you. However, there are few law firms that can provide a free consultation or a non-obligatory form. You can expect that hiring a lawyer can be anywhere between $1,000 to $2,500 or more. Thus, it’s crucial that you discuss with them first about legal fees and avoid hiring them until you have fully understood the cost or query fee.

One piece of advice when hiring a lawyer is to avoid falling for low-priced fees. You are more likely to do the heavy lifting and even be in charge of negotiating with your spouse’s party if you choose to settle with an unsuitable cheap package.

Professional stature

The first impression is integral when hiring a divorce lawyer. See to it that they act and communicate in a professional manner. Their actions should reflect their professionalism since you’ll be sharing your most private life with them. Look for the ones with a positive mindset and a strong sense of justice than throwing blunt force arguments.

How To Have A Cost-Effective Divorce


If you’re fully determined to continue the divorce with your spouse, it’s crucial that you learn how to have a cost-effective divorce. Due to its nature, it’s imminent that it will cost you a lot and cutting corners can compromise the proceedings on your end. Here’s what you should do:

Go in the process with a positive attitude and mindset

Divorce isn’t a quick and short procedure, and it indeed takes an amount of time. The longer it is, the more it will affect the cost. Having a positive attitude and mindset allows you to be rational with your decisions that can affect the settlement of disputes. Disagreements in reasonable demands can harm your end. Thus, your divorce lawyer will have to work with you for an extended period until you can make a settlement and move past to a new stage in life.

Know the divorce process

It was mentioned before. However, many still often overlook this aspect once one has hired a decent divorce lawyer to handle the case. Opting for divorce mediation in Singapore or legal advice equates to helping you pinpoint a more rational decision and knowledge about what’s taking place during the process. The more you stay informed, the more you’ll be in a better position over time. Thus, it’s crucial that you research and ask your lawyer about the proceeding.

Avoid overly aggressive lawyers

Aside from having a positive attitude and showing the best manner from yourself, the same can be expected from your lawyer. One can save much time from the most contested proceedings if it didn’t turn into a heated war inside a courtroom. Therefore, if you’re in the process of hiring a divorce lawyer in Singapore, determine their character—how they respond and approach a situation before making a final decision.

Understand that your lawyer can also do something that can compromise the proceeding—turning the tables against you. At best, your lawyer should know how to avoid compromising and minimise the risk of conflict.

Understand your assets

Asset divisions are among the most highly contested aspects of divorce. Thus having a profound understanding of your assets. Also, being mindful of the debts you have and owe can save you from tremendous stress and time. Remember to be honest when disclosing these assets. Your divorce lawyer will aid you along the way in making documentation and paperwork.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to take care of and consider in a divorce procedure. Thus, knowing what you should do in hiring a divorce lawyer and handling the process can ensure a peaceful and successful settlement that saves time, money and even stress.

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