The Advantages Of Biometric Office Systems

Compare the experience of writing down your company details on a traditional logbook with scanning your finger in less than five seconds. There is no need to explain because the latter would be more convenient. Also, imagine the efficiency of the human resources department.

Here are the advantages of using a time attendance system in Singapore.


Using the traditional logbook is not just time-consuming for the employees and everyone inside the workplace. In some situations, it might even cause long queues. By using a biometric door access system that records attendance, it just takes a few seconds to scan a finger or face. It minimises the time constraints during the morning, and the employees will only focus on their tasks for the day.


You can say all employees are honest about what they write in the logbook, but the errors come from the computation of all data. The relevant department needs to collate everything within a given deadline. The attendance and security system in Singapore records all data in real-time. Some products even come with software that synthesises everything instantly.


Office attendance does not only pertain to the times an employee shows up. It has something to do with payroll and performance indicators as well. Having a door access system in Singapore is not only for security purposes. The data recorded in a given day go to a particular software that shows every activity. It only takes a few clicks to examine everything: no more late payrolls and other human resource issues.


When a company adopts a digitised system, everyone follows the same procedure. They come to the office, prepare the ID cards, and scan before entering. That simple routine develops a sense of organisation in the workplace.

Those are the compelling reasons for getting a time attendance system in Singapore. Contact Valsys Technologies for more details.  

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