Namaste!: Yoga Equipment Guide For Beginners

Today is a great day to hop on your mat and meditate! Yoga is a classic and timeless method for relieving stress, reducing ailments, losing weight, and improving posture. Anyone is welcome to do yoga. The good thing about practising yoga is you don’t need to get lots of gym equipment in Singapore. You only need the essentials every yogi needs.

To get you started, here are five yoga essential fitness equipment you can find in Singapore.


1.  Yoga clothing

Yoga trousers are usually thin and designed for stretching. However, as a beginner, you don’t necessarily need or invest in an entirely new wardrobe of yoga clothing pieces. You may wear a sports bra, loose pants, or shorts. The comfier, the better.

2.  Yoga mat

Yoga mats or mats, in general, are essential gym flooring equipment in Singapore and globally. It protects you from slipping during practice. Yoga sessions end with a corpse pose or also called ‘savasana’, wherein you’ll lie down and stay as still as possible.

3.  Yoga blocks

Beginners should invest in yoga blocks. Yoga blocks help train your body to make deeper poses to feel the full benefit of yoga. It’s particularly for standing poses like reaching the floor. It also improves the chest and torso while avoiding misalignments on yoga poses.

4.  Yoga straps

It’s an essential yoga gear as it can act as an arm extender for standing and seating poses. It can help you achieve proper alignment and form. You may find this in sporting goods or exercise equipment stores in Singapore.

5.  Bolsters

Bolsters are particularly handy for prenatal yoga poses. It helps seated and forward-bending poses more comfortably. It acts as a support for reclining and passive stretching.

Yoga only needs the essential exercise equipment in Singapore. It doesn’t matter which brands you’re getting. Just ensure you store your fitness gear properly to keep it in top shape even for longer periods.

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