Do You Know What English Premier League Is?

The most-watched football league in the whole world is the English Premier League, or simply Premier League. It represents the pinnacle of the hierarchy of the English Football League. The league consists of 20 clubs, and it consists of 38 home and away games.

Three teams are either promoted to the Premier Division or demoted to a lower league according to a promotion and relegation system. August through May is the months when the season of the English Premier League can be enjoyed.

Every club in this Premier League plays one home game and one away game against every other side in the league each season. A match win awards three points to the winning side in the standings, on the other hand, a draw awards one point to each club.

The Premier League does not have a postseason tournament, instead, the team having the maximum points after the regular season ends will be crowned champion.

The UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Champions League event, which matches the most successful national teams in European football to play against one another for winning the annual title of the greatest European club, qualifies the top four point-earning teams each year for the next season.

The top 3 finishers of the first-division (EFL Championship) clubs of the EFL will usually be promoted to the Premier League, whereas the bottom 3 clubs of this Premier League will be relegated (dropped).

Let us try to know a brief history of this premier league football (พรีเมียร์ลีก, term in Thai) in this short article.

On 20thFebruary 1992, the English Premier League was established after clubs listed in the 1st division made the choice to leave the Football League, earlier, which was established in 1888, in order to benefit from the lucrative television rights deals on offer.

BT Group and Sky Sports paid 1 billion pounds for the rights to broadcast every game throughout the 2013–14 seasons. The Premier League won a whopping $5.96 billion three-year UK broadcast rights agreement in 2018. While the overseas broadcasters pay a collective $1.85 billion for each season, Amazon, Sky Sports, and BT Sports each pay a total amount of $1.98 billion.

With games broadcast in 212 countries to 643 million homes with potential TV viewers of 4.7 billion, the Premier League is supposed to be the most-watched sports league present in the world. 38,181 people visited the stadiums on average for the season of 2018–19.

The Bundesliga in Germany had the highest match day attendance. The total attendance for all games played this season, though, was 14,508,981, the greatest in any league. Just behind La Liga of Spain, the league, which is ranked 2nd in Europe by the UEFA coefficient of leagues.

The league features a few of the best, most competitive, and most valuable sports organisations on the planet. The clubs, which range from Liverpool, Manchester United, and Arsenal to Chelsea and Manchester City, are well-known on every continent.

One of the most thrilling leagues to watch, the league is thought to be just the only one of the football leagues with 5–6 title challengers each season.

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