3 Tips For Deciding Which Charity Organisation To Support

It’s the time of the year when many people can contemplate giving back to the poor and needy. The holiday is the perfect season for generosity and sharing one’s fortune back with the community through nonprofit charity organisations. Almost every charity organisation offers a tax relief donation in Singapore. They also open other crowdsourcing campaigns to help groups of people, from families to children and patients lacking medical access.

The world is not in shortage of kind-hearted individuals willing to lend a hand and donate a humble amount of their fortune to crowdfunding platforms for marginalised people. If you are among these people who have decided to give back to the community and are willing to reach out and help more, here’s how you can decide which charities you can support:

Think If You Want To Make An Impact Locally Or Globally

Perhaps you might be thinking about making a contribution locally or globally. Some donors can decide to think about making a difference in their local community. Others can decide to reach out to others overseas in other countries. You can have full control over whether you want to donate on a local crowdfunding platform in Singapore or give to international charity organisations abroad. Regardless, your cause can help to deliver valuable aid to poor communities.

Choose An Organisation That Fits Your Mission

Another thing to consider when finding a charity organisation is determining if they fit your mission. Giving to charity is a form of personal passion and commitment. Some individuals and companies choose a particular type of campaign or organisation as an extension of their philosophy or mission to influence the audience or reach out to more individuals. If a company is in the food industry, it will likely support a feeding campaign, which makes sense. Others opt to be volunteers or charity workers.

Know The Charity’s Reputation Before You Vet

Before you make a decision to put your company’s profit or open up your wallet, decide if a charity organisation in Singapore or in the international seas is worth donating. See if they can use your donation in a ‘smart’ and efficient way. You can find a number of organisations that are committed to providing transparency and are accountable for the donations they receive. See to it that the organisation or platform you are giving is doing the legwork and have an unbiased manner with a positive reputation in the charity community.

If you are looking for a CSR in Singapore, visit Singapore Children’s Society for more info.

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