Why Should You Take a Yoga Instructor Course in Singapore?

Yoga is one of the oldest disciplines still in practice today. It has a rich culture and history dating back thousands of years. You can find its roots in India, where practitioners developed it and passed it down as a tradition. For many generations, people passed down yoga traditions orally– they grew and evolved with the times. Today, yoga is a widely-recognised art form and exercise. Millions of people around the world partake in yoga training courses every year. You can even find yoga courses in Chinese, English, Spanish, Thai, and a myriad of other languages around the world. In just about every country, you’ll find an active yoga community to help you out.

You are not alone in wondering how yoga became so popular. Its success can be owed to its unique blend of spiritual, mental, and physical exercises. Over the years, yoga practitioners designed the discipline to help people to achieve harmony and balance. Yoga is attractive to a diverse population because it is seen as more “laid back” or relaxing than other strenuous exercises. There are even different styles of yoga for those looking for something more suited to their needs.

In the world of exercise, yoga occupies a unique niche that other disciplines, dances, and sports cannot. We classify yoga into several different categories, each with a primary focus and direction. They engage muscles and keep you healthy in ways that other forms of exercise do not replicate.

Should you pursue a yoga instructor career?

Once you take a yoga course in Singapore, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. While you can have an entirely isolated yoga experience, you will run into the yoga community eventually. You can make new friends, build connections, and learn more things about yourself. You open yourself to new experiences.

If you breeze through the beginning concepts and master the intermediate and advanced levels of yoga, you can consider yourself a yoga enthusiast. It might be safe to say you have a deeper connection to the discipline and enjoy what it offers. But you do not have to stop with a simple appreciation for the discipline. For the next step, you can share your love for yoga with other people. You can consider joining a yoga teacher training programme.

Becoming a yoga teacher is harder than you think. You are responsible for the education of your peers. But do not worry, it will also benefit you. If you decide to take a yoga instructor course in Singapore, it will open a new world for you.

Yogists have formed a strong community that is fun to take part in. As a budding yoga instructor, you enact a more active role in that community. Here are just a few reasons why you should pursue a yoga career.

1) You get to talk about your passions

You will have a more successful career if you are passionate about what you do for a living. Many people who become yoga teachers are interested in what they teach. You will get to earn your living teaching what you love.

2) You will have a flexible work schedule

The job of a yoga instructor can be whatever you want it to be. If you become a Chinese yoga teacher, you can devise your schedule according to your needs. You have many paths to take: you can partner with gyms, open your yoga studio, teach yoga online, and more. Along with this freedom, you can also negotiate your schedule.

3) You will meet like-minded people

The best part about yoga is discovering the like-minded people you share your interests with. Many yoga enthusiasts say that the best thing about becoming a yoga instructor is the community. When you teach yoga, you are more likely to befriend amazing people from all walks of life.

Most important requirements of a yoga instructor


If you are interested in taking your yoga journey even further, you do not have to stop after learning all that yoga has to offer. The next step in your journey might be helping beginners find their footing. Being a yoga instructor is the right choice if you want to stick around to see new developments in the yoga world. To begin teaching, you must first earn a certification to teach yoga. There are many steps to becoming a yoga teacher, but here are the most important ones you need to follow.

1) Deciding your yoga style.

From Vinyasa yoga to Hatha yoga and more, there are a variety of styles that you can choose from. Pick one that you are determined to master then start looking for yoga studios that offer teacher training courses in them.

2)  Complete at least 200 hours of a yoga training programme.

The yoga studio you go to must comply with the Yoga Alliance’s guidelines, the international body for yoga. Enrolling in yoga training courses may enrich your mind and refresh your memory. Most instructors will need to complete at least 200 hours of a programme that trains them to teach others about yoga.

3) Receive a registered yoga teacher certification.

Upon completion of your yoga training programme, you are now eligible to apply for certification. While a yoga teacher certificate is not a true requirement for becoming an instructor,  it can give you an edge when applying for a position. Gyms and other institutions are more likely to work with you if you have a yoga certificate.

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