What To Expect When Getting Aircon Cleaning Services in Singapore

Like other appliances inside your humble home, your air conditioning unit deserves love and attention. You should use it according to its manual and free its filter from dust and grime regularly. But aside from following these DIY methods of maintaining your air conditioner, you should also consider getting aircon cleaning and repair services in Singapore and allow experts to help you look after your trusty home-cooling appliance.

If you have not worked with a Singapore aircon servicing company before, you may not be familiar with everything that can happen during the expert’s visit to your dwelling. Read on to learn what you can expect from their solutions.

Air Conditioner Unit Disassembly and Inspection

Upon arriving at your home, the aircon cleaning or repair service providers will ask you to take them to your AC. They will take the unit apart and check every component for corrosion or damage that can affect its performance.

Air Conditioner Unit Cleaning and Servicing

After inspecting and diagnosing the appliance, your chosen AC servicing team in Singapore will recommend and perform the appropriate solution for the unit. They may take it to their shop for repair or clean it using their specialised tools and equipment.

Air Conditioner Unit Trial Run

Once they complete their repair or cleaning, the aircon servicing company will plug your unit and see if it works well. If an issue persists or another problem arises, they will disassemble, inspect, clean, and repair the appliance until they resolve the complication.

Air Conditioner Unit Servicing Reschedule

After completing their job and informing you about the total aircon servicing price their Singapore team is asking, they will ask you to book an appointment with them in three to six months. They will explain why you need AC servicing every few months and inform you about the consequences of failing to maintain the unit.

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