Unique Wedding Traditions From Across The World

We all love wedding celebrations. There’s something special about this event that keeps us cheerful. What makes weddings more special are the rituals and ceremonies linked to them. If you examine the weddings from different countries, you will realize that the traditions are not limited to throwing birdseed or best man speeches.

Here we discuss some exciting and unique best 50 usa national parks traditions from different parts of the world.

Congo – The couple getting married cannot smile

We are not joking! Grooms and brides in Congo are not supposed to smile during their wedding. In case they smile, it means they are not serious about marriage.

Republic of Niger – Camel dance

No, it is not a new dancing style. During a wedding reception, dancing is done by a real camel. The humpback animal shakes a leg to a rhythmic drumbeat while surrounded by the guests.

The Philippines – The wedding pair releases a pair of white doves

To mark the beginning of their journey in a peaceful manner, the groom and bride from the Philippines release a male and a female dove in the air. It is indeed, one of the most elegant traditions.

Multiple countries – Money dance

In different cultures, the male guests, who dance with the bride, pin money to her dress. In some cultures, even the female guests pay to dance with the groom. The money is used for paying wedding-related bills or the honeymoon. This interesting tradition is popular in Poland, Mexico, and Cuba.

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