The Pros and Cons of a Live, Virtual, and Hybrid Event in Singapore

If you are a marketer, advertiser, or anyone in the same field, you are bound to agree that events are one of the most valuable tools in any business. Without events, sales and other operations will be significantly harder to accomplish. Events help by disseminating information, keeping people informed about future projects, and exciting them about new developments in the field. However, as a business owner, check your choices on how you want to run your event. For example, you may think about holding an in-person event, a virtual exhibition in Singapore. Perhaps you might even explore a new option altogether.

What most business managers have to realise is that three choices are available if they wish to host any event. One is entirely in-person, the second is online or virtual, and the third has elements of both– hence the name hybrid event. Each type of event has pros and cons that people should assess before choosing the type.

We used to have only one type of event: live ones. But technology has developed to the point that a stable internet connection and a good platform can help audiences worldwide experience attending events they would not be able to join otherwise. For the past two or so years, we remain vigilant about the dangers of live events.

On the other hand, a virtual event may not be what you need in terms of engagement and impact. They may not be what you need for your audience. They are low risk, low reward and high risk, high reward in the most unexpected ways. For example, while it may be easy to find a virtual event platform in Singapore, it is not so simple to lure people to your event. You might even have a tougher time than trying to find live attendees.

What are live, virtual, and hybrid events?

As discussed earlier, you can find plenty of pros and cons for each event type, including hybrid events which combine elements from both virtual and live events. Here is an overview of the three event types and how they differ.

Live events

The most “traditional” form of event is the live event. The event organisers need to find an event venue to hold their event. Attendees come in person to participate in event activities and listen to the host or speakers live. They may be treated to catering or refreshments service while they attend the event. A live event is usually a grand event that many organisers might spend weeks to months preparing for.

Virtual events

A virtual event is one held digitally or through internet use or other similar platforms. You do not need to spend so many resources on a live event. On the other hand, organisers can prepare virtual events in a fraction of the time and budget you need for a live event. While the venue is still a concern, you no longer need one big enough for your potential audience. You can even get a virtual event running in your office building if you find a nice spot. A virtual conference in Singapore feels slightly less cramped when you can find ways to speak through a virtual platform.

Hybrid events

With hybrid events, you get a mix of features when you combine a virtual and live event. Virtual aspects and live ones meld to give a unique experience for those attending in person and virtually. It is a compromise between live events and virtual ones. When you arrange a hybrid event, you do so with the assumption that you will have in-person guests as well as virtual attendees.

What are the pros and cons of live, virtual, and hybrid events?



Live events

You get a better attendee experience and engagement when you host live events. Your attendees will go home with the full experience and knowledge your company wants to deliver to them. And because you meet them in person, you can also figure out how to widen your networks.

Virtual events

Everyone knows virtual events triumph in attaining a higher quantity of guests and the quality of assessing marketing and event statistics. The best virtual event platform in Singapore will let you find out the details of your event attendees much more easily. They are often much easier to host and create than live events too– no more need for catering or event venue expenses.

Hybrid events

The best of both worlds collide when pursuing a hybrid event in Singapore. Hybrid events make unique interactions between hosts, live attendees, and virtual ones. People can choose the option most convenient to them.


Live events

Do not be surprised if some people choose to forgo your event. Live events are not just tricky to accomplish for the organisers, but they may be out of the way for attendees. Unless they want to, they might not visit you at all.

Virtual events

If you think about it, they may look convenient, but it comes at a price. Virtual events are severely limited in the kind of experiences they can give you. If you execute it badly, it may turn out to seem like a boring seminar. Keep in mind that your audience can leave at any time via a push of a button.

Hybrid events

The best of both worlds sounds good until you realise that many downsides also transfer themselves to hybrid events. You may realise that hybrid events are costly not just because of the venue but the added costs of setting up live streaming and other technologies in your venue for your virtual attendees.

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