The Best Foods to Pair with Champagne

Often served as an aperitif or with a dessert, dessert can perfectly accompany a whole meal. The most interesting thing is that it goes well with several dishes. Its bubbles make all the difference and give a twist to the food. However, that doesn’t mean you can eat everything with this prestigious sparkling drink. Here are the best tips for successful food and champagne pairings.

Champagne as an Aperitif and with Starters

With a somewhat lively and crystalline champagne, which will often be a Blanc de Blancs like Ruinart champagne, the choice of food pairing is vast. This is also the case with slightly dosed champagnes such as extra brut. You have to take into account the freshness and finesse of the bubbles which go very well with strips of raw ham, large prawns, and cheese. However, avoid dishes that are too salty or spicy so as not to overpower the wine.

With these same champagnes, continue with starters with maritime accents such as oysters, smoked salmon, seafood platters, fish tartare, sushi and sashimi, and fish or shellfish terrines. On the other side, semi-cooked foie gras will go very well with a more accomplished, more vinous champagne such as a Blanc de Noirs or a Blanc de Blancs from a somewhat powerful and ripe vintage. A Chardonnay-dominated champagne goes well with pan-fried foie gras.

Champagne with the Main Dish

Most Blanc de Blancs champagnes will go quite easily with all dishes based on fish or other iodized products, rather served with a creamy or, at least, a little spicy sauce. The bubbles may indeed prove to be annoying with the delicate flesh of a fish that has just been poached or baked without any particular preparation.

With a slightly tasty roast poultry, go for a more vinous champagne, generally made with a large majority or entirely of Pinot Noir. An evolved vintage will also be comfortable. Try the combination of a pink cooked lamb! Finally, rosés generally go perfectly with many salmon-based dishes, whether poached, in sauce, or in Koulibiak. Find on this site the three types of champagne.

Champagne with Cheeses and Desserts

Most champagnes go very well with many cheeses, in particular, Beaufort, Comté, Parmesan, Pyrenees sheep cheese, but also Brie and Camembert, provided they are not too strong. As for desserts, pairings are less easy. Chocolate, for example, is not a friend of champagne at all! Neither do the classic cakes, unless you find a bottle of sweet or semi-dry champagne, as was done in the past. There are still a few exceptions: red fruit desserts go quite well with a rosé champagne.

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