Ideas for Boosting Your Photography Business

Here are a few easy, doable actions to help you market yourself as a photographer and build your brand so that you may attract more clients.

Meet Potential Customers

Always have a stack of business cards on hand that represent your company well. Distribute them whenever someone asks what it is that you do as a fast method to make a recommendation. They now have access to your promotional materials and may make a decision about whether or not to endorse your business depending on the influence of their networks.

Maintain an Online Portfolio

Create a website for your photography company immediately. If you own a photography business, creating an online portfolio like Marc Shaw Photography & Films may help you in many ways. There is no longer a need to learn web coding or employ a freelancer in order to create a website that looks professional, all thanks to the availability of user-friendly website builders and templates. An online photographic portfolio may be up and running in a day or two at most.

Promotional Pricing

If your clients are interested in booking multiple photoshoots with you throughout the year, or if they plan on ordering a large number of prints, consider offering them a discount. Booking a shoot in the spring, when the weather is just starting to get nice, could net you a discount.

Free Shots for a Good Cause

Offering your photoraphy services pro bono at a local charity event is a fantastic way to make connections, get your name out there, and earn positive karma. For optimal results, it is recommended that you watermark your photos and are tagged in them across all social media platforms. To help a good cause, you may, for instance, offer to take professional headshots of the organization’s personnel for use on their websites, or shoot a fundraising dinner.

Consider of Your Photographs as Promotional Tools

Images linked with your business’s name, such as those posted to your website, blog, or social media pages, serve as a representation of that business. Limit the amount of photography-related posts on your personal Facebook profile and create an album just for that purpose.

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