How Family Counselling in Singapore and Other Methods Serve as Alternatives to Divorce

Families are supposed to be the pillar of society, but some problems necessitate fostering in Singapore. Some might wonder why the government has to intervene. A marriage is supposed to be the happiest moment of a person’s life. A marriage is a commitment to stay with your loved one until death. Many people recall their weddings and marriages with a rosy lens, but not every marriage gets a great outcome.

Sometimes, irreconcilable differences or intense situations make it unideal for the couple to stay together. It’s a hard fact of life to swallow, but marriages, which are supposed to be happy affairs, may break families apart. While a couple may not want to live together or raise a family anymore, unfortunately, it is not so easy to get a clean break. It might be tempting for people to pack their bags and leave their responsibilities behind, but there are several matters they have to fix before they can think about leaving.

Couples have their work cut out if they plan to separate without warning. They still need to figure out how to divide aspects of their business. They also need to think about giving their children the best care and attention they need to function in a unique home environment. Suddenly abandoning your parental duties and leaving your partner to struggle is illegal in some cases.

The aftermath of parental splits on other people

However drastic a change that separation may bring to both parties, it will not hit them as hard as their children will. They may find their children becoming more reclusive, refuse to cooperate and interact with their fellow students, or they may lash out. Taking student care services in Singapore may help your child cope with the sudden changes much better.

But it is not only your children who need the help to cope with drastic changes. Never forget yourself and what you might need. Divorce is a stressful and traumatic experience, even if you and your partner separate peacefully. You still have to pursue a lot of legal red tape asking for a divorce. You might even lose possession of some of your beloved assets. Not only that, you might encounter the risk of losing beloved assets and property you want to fight for.

What alternative options are available to divorcing couples?


Read the above disadvantages of taking the legal route of divorce. You might be able to see why the Singapore government might dissuade couples from breaking their unions. They want to look for alternatives to help them resolve family differences. Good news for couples: they have many avenues they can exploit to solve their problems of marital disputes and disagreements.

1) A woman might get inspired by joining an organisation

You can find dozens, if not hundreds of organisations operating in the country. You do not need to look far to find a women association in Singapore with staff who are sympathetic to your plight. People at women’s institutes may run services like domestic abuse hotlines and provide shelter to women for their recovery. If you suspect you are in dire circumstances and need to avoid your spouse or other abusers in the area for any reason, you might want to look into enlisting their help.

2) A person could reach out to a lawyer to know more about their options

Think very carefully before you decide to go through with filing a divorce. Many people are under the assumption that they may be able to separate peacefully after a battle or discussion in court. In real life, it is more complicated than that. The job of the government is to provide the best possible outcome for both parties, or at least an outcome that seems the fairest. This might sound great to you, but it does not always mean the decisions of the court will line up with your wants and needs. You might end up with an arrangement that you may dislike.

Another thing to note is that courts will not consider the opinions of both parents only. Divorce involves more people than the two splitting parties—their children are the priority in divorce cases because divorce is extremely disruptive to a child’s academic performance and mental or emotional wellbeing. Handling divorces will entail looking after the needs of the children. Consulting a lawyer might be your best bet at figuring out the best course of action for you and your children.

3) The couple might want to consider counselling

Divorce counselling sessions in Singapore sound absurd if you’ve tried every avenue to reconcile with the other party. But in some cases, you may not have a choice. Singapore courts might mandate you to spend a minimum number of hours in divorce counselling and family therapy sessions. Think of it as a last-ditch result of the government to let you repair your marriage.

The government does not allow couples to wed and divorce easily. They consider it a special union between two people and cherish the value that families add to societies. If you wish to break your bonds, you may have an uphill battle ahead of you. In the meantime, why not try to go to divorce counselling? The sessions may reveal something about you or your partner that may be causing the rift. Many people report that even a few sessions with a therapist have done wonders in creating a more stable family unit. Before Singapore courts ask you to try out a session, you should consider it one of your first options.

PPIS’s priority is to ensure that families in Singapore get the care they need to function as a cohesive unit. Learn more about men and women and how a family counselling session in Singapore can help them form stronger bonds.

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