Hiring A Nanny Service Setting Up Your Expectations

In a fast-moving world, parents generally work harder to maintain a decent standard of living for their children. Oftentimes, children get neglected in return. However, it is the wish of every parent for their child to enjoy life. Hence, hiring a stay in nanny in Singapore is often perceived as a solution in this kind of circumstance. It is where the demand for a nanny arises for numerous households.

For several first-time parents seeking to employ a nanny to look after and take care of their child, one must understand what a nanny really is and what one can expect. Unrealistic expectations often lead to problems, such as the abuse of a nanny.

Understanding The Responsibilities Of Nanny

A nanny is a person who is responsible for taking care of one or multiple children in a parent’s own home. They have the responsibility to work directly by taking care of and nurturing the child. They can also work on household chores to help the children with their needs, whether it’s bedtime or preparing for school. They act as a ‘second parent’ or a caretaker when parents are not around. Hence, it’s one thing every parent should keep in mind when they plan to hire a nanny in Singapore.

Further responsibilities of a nanny include:

  • Creating a safe, organised and stimulating environment for your child
  • Preparing meals and feeding the children
  • Help with homework
  • Indoor and outdoor play with children
  • Doing laundry
  • Help bathing and dress children
  • Providing educational activities and helping with homework
  • Light housekeeping services such as family errands

Their responsibility goes beyond the sum of their daily tasks. A nanny can tailor specific activities to help the child enhance their skills, spark interest and motivate them to pursue knowledge. Hence many nanny services in Singapore are more than providing standard care for a child. They foster learning to help your child reach their fullest potential.

An ideal nanny is trustworthy, honest and responsible.

The Variations Of Nannies


If you’re planning to hire a nanny in a confinement nanny agency in Singapore, know that there are a few types of nannies. A part-time nanny, a live-in nanny and educational support or educator-tutor nanny. For other parents who need special support for their newborn, a newborn care nanny specialist can provide focused care for newborn infants.

A part-time nanny carries the typical responsibilities and duties. But they will come and go based on the working hours. They will commute to the family’s home at the start of their shift. On the other hand, a live-in nanny will provide full-time service and reside in their employer’s home based on the contract.

For parents who want to focus more on providing educational support for their child, a nanny educator tutor or education support is available for some agencies. A nanny that specialises in providing education support and tutor services can perform the traditional duties of a traditional nanny except that they have a strong teaching or education background. In some agencies, they can have specific teaching credentials. Such specialised nanny services can also help form curriculum and teaching plans to assist the child. They can also assist your child with homework and school projects.

Hiring A Nanny – What You Should Know


Finding a part-time nanny or a confinement lady in Singapore is not always an easy task despite the wide availability one can find online. Why is that so? Because there are many aspects for you to determine and evaluate before you can hire one. Personal background, schedule, fee, and contracts are a few things to consider along the way before hiring.

More and more people are starting to see the benefits or advantages of hiring nanny services to their homes. However, there can be a few concerns that could arise if one would not know how to exactly hire one.

As we mentioned earlier, setting expectations remains crucial when hiring nanny services. Parents can consider varying degrees of experience, expertise and qualifications when choosing a candidate. Parents must establish ideal qualities which will serve as a standard for the search process, making it much easier to choose. Have a job description for the nanny position, and you will understand what to expect from them. Make them specific about the details of their responsibilities and duties inside the home.

On the other hand, performing and running a background check is another crucial step in hiring a nanny. As a critical part of the hiring process, you can use it to establish confidence in the candidate you plan to hire. Whether it’s a part-time or stay in nanny, that person will be with your child for an extensive period. Hence you will need to ensure that the nanny you’re hiring has no existing negative track records and can be honest and trustworthy. After all, entrusting your child and your home with someone that is dishonest is a dangerous decision.

As another critical part of hiring nanny services, you may want to ensure that you are on the same page before approving and signing the contract. A clear contract removes the feeling of ambivalence. Thus, helping establish a sense of security between you and the nanny you are about to hire. The contract often consists of the duties and responsibilities the nanny will perform, the hours, the pay rates, policies, etc.

Most nannies can be found through agencies. Hence, you should also see that the agency is highly reputable in the industry and that they invest and provide ample training for nannies.

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