Designing A Shirt For Branding Or Personalisation – What You Need to Know

Designing a shirt requires skills and ideas for you to have a successful well-designed shirt. Skills alone may not be sufficient enough to compensate for the lack of creative concepts. Both factors go hand-in-hand. Thus, before you embark on finding an instant or express t shirt printing in Singapore, it’s vital for you to determine to work first on your t-shirt design.

How Important Is A Design In A T-Shirt?

When it comes to design, the first thing that occurs is the impression of someone who sees it. The first impression is everything, especially if the design’s purpose is for branding. Thus, artworks and the core concept in your design should stand out and convey something. It is meant to communicate something.

The design should be able to carry out the message about your brand or the elements it consists of, from colours to texts or images. Your t-shirt design gives your idea or brand better visibility in the eyes of others, especially customers. While instant t shirt printing in Singapore will help bring these colourful and brilliant ideas to fruition, the design itself. It is what will carry an ordinary shirt into a marketing tool that makes a lasting impression.

Designs can also affect the mood and emotions of viewers. Your message may mean something to those who wear and see it, so long as you can execute the designing process right. Otherwise, it might end up looking like a sloppy mess. An effective design will help build an emotional relationship between your customer and your brand. Thus, no matter what t shirt printing company you invest in, it will always go back to the essence of the design.

5 Things To Consider Before Designing A T-Shirt To Avoid Mistakes


Design is everything to make an impactful impression on your customers and for your marketing purpose. Before you can even think of outsourcing the best t shirt printing company in your area, it is inevitable that you will have to work with the designs first. While designing your shirt, here are some of the most common things to keep in mind to minimise mistakes and ensure that the designing process is smooth:

  1. Avoid overcomplicated designs. Your design should be simple and not too overly complex since complicated designs are hard to understand. You should declutter and reduce the details if you can.
  2. Choose the right fonts. Choosing the wrong fonts will greatly affect its readability, making your message and design also harder to understand.
  3. Have a balance between design and texts. It will help make your message clear and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Even if you opt for the best t shirt printing company in Singapore, it’s crucial that you maintain the balance and readability of your design elements.
  4. Avoid using photos or artworks that you don’t have the licence or permission to use. It’s one thing you should always keep in mind when designing.
  5. Ensure there is enough contrast between the shirt’s colour and the design, especially the text. Failing to make the contrast enough for two will make your visuals hard to see and read.

Designing Your Shirt Effectively – What You Need To Know & What You Should Do


If you have an ingenious concept or original ideal you want to put into your t-shirt, how do you make it effective enough to serve its purpose? Before you commit your t-shirt to a t shirt printing company, here’s how you can customise and design your shirt effectively:

Know the purpose and intention of the design

The most vital part of designing your t-shirt is creating the design itself. So, where will the design come from? The answer is straightforward. It derives from the purpose and intention you want it to be. Do you want it to serve as marketing for your brand? Is it a way to showcase your artwork or service? Does it stand to communicate your thoughts about a particular subject or an identity for your staff to wear? The very purpose of the design and what it stands for depends on you alone. The rest of the process goes into the actual creation, and then you can assess if it’s good enough to be handed over to a t shirt printing company to finalise the process.

However, if you struggle to translate your ideas into a blank canvas for starting the design process, you can always look online for more inspiration. Going into several sites, such as Pinterest and Behance, apart from Google image, will provide abundant inspiration and references to kickstart and fuel your creativity.

Consider typography

Typography might not be the most prominent part and centre of your design. However, it does help speak volumes about the flow of elements if you’re looking for a simple yet effective design for your shirt. If you’re still having a hard time thinking of something to work with before sending it to a t shirt printing company, this can be something for you to consider.

Typography makes it easier to convey messages without involving technical and complicated illustrations. Apart from that, there are also myriads of fonts you can work with and add to your design.

Think the right colour scheme

Colour can help make your design come to life. It helps add vibrance and accentuate crucial details to your design. If you want your design to simply stand out, you need to think about selecting the best colours that blend together. If you are looking for an inspiring colour scheme, you can visit this site for inspiring colour schemes to incorporate into your design.

Design placement

Design placement matters. What is great about design placement is you can decide where to place the design itself. However, keep in mind that this will affect the scale/size of the design itself. One rule of thumb is to put it in areas that can be easily spotted and not hidden.

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