Debunking 9 Common Misconceptions About Tuition Learning Centres

24Children benefit from having their tuition learning centres since it allows them to learn from experts aside from their classroom set ups. It is because signing up in a learning centre in Singapore that offers supplementary lessons is now standard.

However, several misconceptions prohibit parents from finding the right one their child needs. It may be due to a shift in people’s perceptions of education, where they prioritised grades over schooling and abilities.

Learn what you must debunk here!

Misconceptions About Tuition Learning Centres

1. Less effective than traditional educators.

Some parents believe that enrolling in tuition learning centres is a waste of money. What do they need it for if their child has a school that can teach them? However, non-MOE teachers contribute a wealth of expertise and information to your child in a 1-to-1 situation.

A private tutor can target your child’s weaknesses or a particular topic that your youngster cannot master independently. If your child passed primary but still has difficulty grasping chemistry, physics and biology, they may need to enrol in a secondary school with science tuition.

2. The cost is a burden.

Parents in Singapore spend twice as much on their child’s education. However, many believe the more instructors charge, the better their service. You need to know that the quality of a learning centre in Singapore isn’t only on how expensive it is.

Centres divided the cost of private home tutoring into several categories based on the instructor’s level of expertise and training.

The tuition centre’s pricing is not the only factor to consider when evaluating the quality of its services. The distinction between low-cost and high-priced tutors is what the student understands and responds to.

3. It’s only for kids with poor grades.

Parents believe their children don’t need additional help if they do well in school. However, tuition learning centres aren’t just about rescuing low-scoring pupils; it’s also about preserving their current grades or striving for better ones.

Enhancing what your child is already capable of can help to boost their potential. If they love writing, enrolling in English creative writing classes in Singapore may help them find their niche.

4. It means studying more hours.

When you enrol your child in a learning centre in Singapore, it doesn’t mean they will only study every day. Many parents worry that hiring private tutors may increase their children’s workload.

However, centres know that they should also incorporate free time for unplanned enjoyment into their schedule. They teach them ways to improve their efficiency.

Being eager to learn and striving for the best doesn’t mean you should sacrifice being a child. Classes should focus on helping students better understand the value of education and how to use what they learn in their daily lives.

5. It works best when one-on-one.

One-on-one instruction is effective in some situations. Sitting next to someone who can walk you through the course materials makes it much easier for some people. However, there are situations where children can only study online.

The excellent news is tuition learning centres can adapt to learning preferences. If you plan to sign them up in a secondary school with science tuition, they can choose to be part of a small-scale group or one-on-one.

6. It doesn’t help self-esteem.

Children often experience feeling intimidated by others, especially if they believe they lack the skills and knowledge on specific subjects.

Because of the welcoming atmosphere of a learning centre in Singapore, students have a greater sense of self-assurance and are more likely to seek clarification by asking questions. Students’ increased self-assurance is one of the most significant benefits of enrolling in personalised classes.

Tutors can help ease the transition from primary to secondary school as they can be a solid foundation for this shift.

7. They will feel left behind.

One of the things that tutors aim to eliminate is how a child feels left behind in traditional classrooms. Since a big class size often integrates fast-paced learning, there are always students who find it hard to keep up.

On the other hand, tuition learning centres typically have only a few students in their classrooms. Since the goal of the tuition centre is to dispel all doubts students may have about the subject matter, tutors ensure that every student receives their full attention.

It will also allow them to feel like they belong since tutors create an open environment where asking questions and slow learning are permitted.

8. Expect no improvement.

Parents may feel that their child won’t get anything from a centre. However, students who follow a system in their study and exams are less likely to make little errors and hence achieve better results. It’s difficult for a teacher to cover a lot of material in a short period at school. Tuition learning centres allow for a lot of time for students to work on a particular topic.

Tuition culture has evolved as the educational system has changed through time. The purpose of private tutoring is to supplement students’ learning in school and expose them to new ideas and concepts.

If your child loves to explore writing stories and reading books, signing up for English creative writing classes in Singapore might be able to turn their interest into a passion.

9. Tutors are not qualified to teach.

Tutors working at a learning centre in Singapore don’t mean they are less capable of teaching than MOA teachers. Although they are in a different setting and environment, they are tutors with specialisation.

The best professors aren’t always available to everyone, but that doesn’t imply that a full-time tutor or undergraduates can’t provide results. There are existing tuition learning centres that offer qualified professionals with credentials.

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