Corporate Virtual Production: 6 Ways To Reinvent The Visuals And Images

A corporate virtual production shows the latest events in the company, new products & services, and even an appreciation message from the founder or CEO. With this, there is high importance in focusing on the visual images and elements because people are only viewing these things from a digital screen. Not to mention, there is a lack of physical interaction, and you need to invoke the audience’s attention for it to be successful.

Online events and webinars can be challenging for everyone in the company for many reasons. One is unfamiliarity with the platforms, and another is the lack of proper planning among the employees. Here are some tips to elevate the visual elements of your webinar and live streaming in Singapore.


The company logo serves as the identity of your company. For instance, if you are a real estate company offering luxury living spaces, your customers (both existing and potential) should recognise the logo when they see it. They would immediately think of your products & services when coming across the visual elements they associate with that logo.

There is no need to emphasise your logo too much during the video live streaming or webinar because it does not look good on the eyes. Instead, consider having a template for your keynote presentations or other visual images. Doing this also ensures consistency across the production because an unorganised one looks off.


Using a particular shade of colour green is the instruction for all marketing materials and items in the company because you boast clean energy. Or you might be using modern typography techniques to emphasise your revolutionary ways of doing business. What does this mean? Using the prescribed branding is necessary for your live streaming and virtual production to make things more interesting.

Start with knowing these techniques. The standard branding guide includes colour schemes, typography instructions, and even the style and tone of your content. Making one is not rocket science, especially if you already have branding. It is only a matter of putting the instructions into paper and making them official. Lastly, the final step is to incorporate these into the virtual production in Singapore.


Most people are guilty of using lacklustre and dull visual elements for their presentations and other media. You might even see your classmate only using the standard template from the application on their computer. Or even a colleague skipping the art of adding images and graphs about the latest topic in the company. Adopting variety is one way to reinvent your webinar and live streaming presentation to make an impact!

You do not have to become a videography or graphic design expert overnight. Take advantage of free design platforms, look at images online or hire a professional to do things for the company’s virtual production in Singapore. Another tip is to use different media, such as images, videos, GIFs, and music.



A company webinar should always be clear and concise. There is no place for overwhelming visual elements when presenting the latest numbers or data regarding the sales for the month or introducing new products & services. Another is that the purpose of holding online events is to replicate the experience of physical interaction, so presenters still need to talk as if they are with one another.

One tip is to avoid stuffing presentations with too many words because, first, the presenter might tend to read them and eventually sound dull and monotonous. The second reason is to engage with the audience. Seeing many words is one recipe for disaster because they are overwhelming to the eyes. Follow this tip, and you will hold a webinar in Singapore like no other!


Skipping videos and other media productions are probably one of the worst things you can do. Why? These things often present something different and add entertainment to dull online meetings. It can be a message from the CEO during the live streaming webinar event, a product review video to boast the latest offering or even a recap of the company event to show everyone in the virtual production that they also have fun activities.

There are many ways to incorporate whatever video your company has. First, try playing them during the waiting period, around one hour before the meeting, to catch the attention of your viewers. Another is to put them on breaks during the webinar to avoid dead air. It lets you maintain a calming atmosphere while everyone goes to the bathroom, drinks water, or just takes a few minutes off the screen.


One issue in the creative industry is most people often short-change these professionals. You would even encounter a person not giving enough compensation because they think curating a virtual production in Singapore is easy. On the contrary, these things take time, money, and effort. One digital image might take a creative professional a few days before finishing. Their work is demanding and draining if you do not provide them with enough compensation.

Of course, the solution is to recognise their value as a professional, assess their skills and expertise, and give them enough income during the project. Don’t worry, these people know how much their services are worth, and you can choose to trust them or transact with someone who aligns with what you want. (Tip: Asses the budget of your company before hiring someone to create a video for your live streaming event to avoid problems and issues.)


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