6 Things To Know About Aircon Before Getting An Installation

6 ThingsTo Know About Aircon Before Getting An Installation

Besides eating cold desserts, having an electric fan is not enough to beat the increasing heat. Many people today are getting an aircon installation in Singapore to keep themselves cool, especially during summer.

Ever since air conditioners have become available in the market, the growing demand for air conditioners for residential and commercial places never seems to end. After all, owning one comes with tons of benefits, from better concentration to no more overheating equipment.

If you have plans to buy a couple of units for your home, below are the things you should know before getting an aircon installation in Singapore so you can become a responsible owner.

6 Things To Know About Aircon Before Getting An Installation

Replace The Aircon Filter Every Two Months

  • Replace The Aircon Filter Every Two Months

The purpose of an aircon filter is to protect the internal components from dust, dander, hair, and other air particles. If not replaced and left uncleaned for a long time, an aircon filter can pose health problems such as asthma and allergies.

Avoid that from happening by replacing the aircon filter every two months. If you already suffer from asthma and allergies before you get an aircon installation in Singapore, you better replace your aircon filter as often as every 30 days.

  • Keep The Condenser Coil Clean

Aside from it not looking good when the condenser coil is dirty, it will be challenging to transfer the heat and release it outside. Your air conditioner will need to use more energy than necessary to work, and doing so could cause the condenser coil to wear out more.

  • Never Set The Thermostat Below 70 °F

While it seems ideal to set the thermostat below 70°F to make the room cool faster, doing so could cause more harm than good. Any temperature below 70°F can freeze the aircon system.

Every aircon troubleshooting expert in Singapore recommended setting the aircon thermostat to 78° F. That is the perfect temperature for energy saving and keeping everyone in the room cool.

  • Avoid Placing Anything Above The Outdoor Unit

Even though your intention is good to protect the outdoor unit from the weather, placing shades or an awning can be a hindrance. The outdoor unit of your air conditioner might release the heat freely if you add something above it.

  • Aircon Gas Top Up Maybe Necessary From Time To Time

Does your air conditioner not supply enough cold air? Or does it only produce hot air? There is a high chance it only needs refills of aircon gas. Getting an aircon gas top up in Singapore helps restore its working condition.

  • Get A Professional Routine Maintenance

Like other machines, professional routine maintenance help to prolong the lifespan of the equipment. Whether cleaning or repairs, you should consider relying on an expert since they have more experience and can get the job done right.

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